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Firm Brian Pullicino (FBP) is a family run business established in 1985. We import and distribute a comprehensive range of Building Materials, Electrical and Plumbing materials such as fittings and accesories, and many other home improvement items such as cooling fans.

FBP's extensive experience allows the company to import and distibute high quality items. We retain this attention to quality throughout our very extensive product range. Our clientelle is as varied as our inventory. We supply a large number of Hardware Stores through out the Maltese Islands. We also have a large number of Turnkey solution providers, contractors, plumbers, electricians and many more as part of our portfolio.

FBP has always strived to provide an excellent and reliable after sales service, not simply because our clients expect it but because it is part of our mission statment.

FBP has been established for more than 30 years making it a strong enterprise in its field. The company has top of the range products and a wide selection of brands which are exclusive with superior quality together with affordable prices. 


Overview of our Product Portofolio:


Electrical  Household Hardware & Tool
Faucets Electrical Cable Small Appliances Power Tools
Water Pumps Industrial Plugs & Sockets Kitchenware & Cookware Hand Tools
Water Heaters Cable Extensions Gas Products Soldering Tools
PP-R Plumbing System Distribution Boxes Heaters Mailboxes
Push-fit Plumbing System PVC Electrical Fittings Portable AC's Safety Products
Water catchments Trunking Cable Management Fans Generators
Drainage Pipes & fittings Cable Tray and Mesh Tray  Dehumidifiers Power Washers
Bathroom Accessories  LED Panels Kitchen Utensils Welding Machines
Hand Dryers Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Fixtures Plasticware Toolsets
  Extractor Fans    
  Electrical Cabinets     



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